Things to Remember When Trying to Photograph a Total Solar Eclipse

Things to remember when trying to photograph a total solar eclipse.

  1.     Plan your shots well in advance.

Knowing where it will take place when is very helpful while trying to look for locations to shoot an eclipse. I spent days poring over google earth and other

sites looking for a location.

2.    Plan for crowds, even in the most remote locations. I was at an elevation of 11,000 ft and there were 400+ people up there with me.

3.    Practice a couple days before in the location you’ve chosen. Regardless of how much you researched your location, there is nothing that will compare to

scoping out your location in person.

4.    Research exposures and be prepared to switch exposure settings quickly especially when it comes time to take off the solar filter.

5.    Enjoy the moment. Don’t let the camera distract you from this surreal event.

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